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Our Story

 At The Green Giraffe we believe in fair trade practices with a focus on empowering our local Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa) community towards social and economic self-sufficiency.

Our products are crafted in dignified working conditions by a team of talented weavers and tailors selected thorough equal opportunity practices.

Whats more, most of our products are up-cycled from discarded clothing or scrap fabrics, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Our mission is to continually grow & create influential goods, promoting compassion & respect, while impacting the communities in which we work. 


The organizations that we have worked with are:


The Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS): SLAWS aims to reduce the number of rabid animals and strays in the communities while also promoting the humane treatment of animals. The Green Giraffe has partnered with SLAWS through our “Jogs for Dogs” donations where part the of the proceeds from jogger sales go directly to SLAWS.


WAYout Arts: a not-for-profit company focused on getting youth off the streets though arts.

Goods purchased from The Green Giraffe in its own small way makes a difference in communities throughout Sierra Leone.

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Tailor Alusine's story.

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