Our mission is to continually grow & create influential goods, promoting compassion & respect, while impacting the communities in which we work.

100% Compostable Mailer

Yay! We have joined the Eco Packaging Alliance!

Our mailers are made from corn and are 100% compostable, meaning like most plant based things, in the compost it will disappear in

6 months!  

One Tree Planted

The Eco Packaging Alliance contributes to global reforestation one tree at a time.


We strive to have a low impact on our lovely planet, by using scrap fabrics, pre-owned cloth, and compostable shipment packaging. 

Local Empowerment & Job Creation

 We employ local artisans who skillfully handcraft each of our pieces.

Many whom have had this skill passed down for generations.

Fair Trade

At TGG we recognize our responsibility to the community and artisans crafting our products. Through equal opportunity employment and dignified working conditions, we aim to empower our artisans towards social and economic self-sufficiency.

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