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Bandanas for a great cause and named after a Compassionate Paws International rescue animal! (Check out their story below)


These bandanas will look amazing on your furry friend, not only are they made by local artisan tailors in Freetown but support a great cause that is helping street animals in low-resource areas.


Bengos's Story:


Bengos was found in a neighbourhood in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

He was alone, starving with no one to care for him. People around said that his owner had moved away leaving Bengo's alone and having to fend for himself.

CPI resued Bengos and he received much-needed medical treatment, since then he has fully recovered and is now living with his forever family in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Your purchase goes toward helping animals just like Bengos.


100% of the proceeds go to supporting Compassionate Paws International!

Compassionate Paws International looks to support and fund animal welfare work/projects in areas where resources are limited. 




XS- H 6.5”x W 10.5” Collar width- Fits up to 2”

S- H 8.5” x W 13” Collar width- Fits up to 3”

M- H 9.5” x W 15” Collar width- Fits up to 3”

L- H 10.5” x W 17.5” Collar width- Fits up to 3”


Care Instructions

Wash cold

Tumble dry low


*Items will not all be exactly alike.*


Dog Bandana - Bengos

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