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The Green Giraffe

Compassionate Goods


Who We Are

Compassionate Goods

 At The Green Giraffe, we believe in fair trade practices focusing on highlighting local talent from Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa).

Partnering with local communities in paving the way towards social and economic self-sufficiency.

Our products are crafted in dignified working conditions by a team of talented weavers and tailors selected through equal opportunity practices.

What's more, most of our products are up-cycled from discarded clothing or scrap fabrics, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Our mission is to continually grow & create influential goods, promoting compassion & respect while impacting the communities in which we work. 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Kontri Cloth 

  • Our talented artisans transform second-hand sweaters into beautiful textiles we use to make our Kontri Cloth products.

  • Second-hand sweaters sourced from junk markets

  • Sweaters carefully unravelled one thread at a time

  • Threads blended and woven into cloth


Check out our Kontri Cloth making process video!

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