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This hand woven African country cloth which is native to the West African Mende Tribe is made from either cotton grown up country, wool, or items found in “junks”. Remember that ugly sweater you tossed in Goodwill? It has now been cleverly transformed in to beautiful country cloth! If you look closely you will see that every fiber in this cloth is hand woven with the utmost skill and care.


Features Size 20”x20” One side hand woven country cloth One side traditional "Good Luck" cotton fabric Invisible zipper

Care Instructions

Due to the handwoven nature gentle spot cleaning is recommended.

Decorative use suggested.

Country cloth is entirely hand made.

Imperfections such as discolorations, pattern variations, or pulls at seams where panels are sewn together should be expected.

These unique features are not considered defects. 

*Items are all one of a kind and not exactly alike*

Chevron GL - White Sands

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