About Us

 “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” 

Growing up in an eco-friendly household, I learned the value of preserving our planet at an early age. Now, as a parent in a world where protecting the environment is more critical than ever, I want to inspire by example just how important it is to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As a mom, I understand how overwhelming it can be to know and find what is best for our little ones. Here at The Green Giraffe, I want to give you the peace of mind that our products are the best for both our children and the planet. The Green Giraffe is my dream and vision of helping everyone learn and live green.


We know you love your baby (and we do too!), which is why we passionately believe in providing you with only the safest and earth friendly products.



The Green Giraffe believes that protecting the earth is synonymous with providing for our children. Our dream is to enable every family with the tools to care for their little ones and their planet that they will soon inherit.



We stand behind the quality of everyone of our products. If we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't let you either, we promise.